Lu pollu cusutu 'nculu

Se non lo sai, sallo!

4 November 1987
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No Man is an Isle
But every Man needs it. You will know about me nothing but what I tell you... this is nor my biography (I'm not so much important) neither self celebration. This is more like an Isle: my personal Isle of Silence, far away from the noises of life. My small and silent place of peace, where I can hear my voice only by whispering.
Double-edged Sword
The Mad Hatter and Sweet Vanilla: the evil and the good; both faces of a weird wannabe singer, Pea, which goes crazy for Red Hot Chili Peppers (from which she takes her nick). But this is not her only identity: she loves also masks, and changes them as the wind changes, and so she's also the strange sound coming from her mouth every time remains without words (but also without a clear reason), Mielu; and what about the never-ending "kindliche" Gianfresca? This time decides to wear the mask of the fascinating Lorelei, the blond, and as much beautiful as dangerous temptress singing over the Rheins's cliff, charming the incautious seaman. Don't worry, she's nothing like that... she's more like an ordinary girl (nor long blond hair neither an enviable silhouette!). She can play the piano, the guitar and the bass, perhaps just like she says to be able to speak the three languages she's studying. 4th November, loves not only music: theater, books, writing, drawing and painting, just a little of web-graphic; digital artist. Even if lot of people say it's not a real book, she loves Harry Potter, actually more than Twilight, and Nano is her favourite character. And you will ask "Who's Nano?"... Voldemort, of course! She's so found of him that can't help of doing her personal Nano Plushie (by her own hands). When she's got nothing else to do, finds fun in doing stupid tests on the Internet: she made an HP love match 3 times, with 3 different solutions: the first one was Lupin, the second Cedric Diggory and the third Tom Riddle... she's being very thoughtful about that... She reads other books too: more serious; she can pretend of being very earnst! Her very first ambition was to become an artist, but her very first ambition in work was to become a fishmonger. With the time it changed, and at the age of 6 she decided that she would have gone to Nasa, after the Master in Astronomy, but felt that only that job wasn't sufficient to self-sustentation: what better solution than becoming a costermonger of melons and water-melons too? Nowadays, the only heroes she has got are just ordinary men (Rat-man and Hokuto no Ken are the exceptions).
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